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"Not only does Jack have a voice of a trailer god, but his attitude and commitment are second to none."

— Zach Valdivia, VO Coordinator, THE REFINERY



Avalon M5 | UA Apollo 8
Neumann U87 | Senn 416
Pro Vocalbooth



About JD

I live in Los Angeles, where my theater, film, radio, and sketch comedy background serves me in my daily work voicing movie trailers, promo, commercials, and narration. I'm a recording gear geek and a lover of the history and craft of voice over. I'm fortunate to work with some of the greats in the industry and consider myself remarkably blessed. Thanks for stopping by.

To get in touch with Jack, click here or contact my representation:

Kama Nist, DPN Talent

Jason Helzner, Helzner Management

Things I Found Online 48 - We are talking trailers with Jimmy & Ted from the Trailer Junkies Podcast and with voice over legends Joe Cipriano and Jack Daniel! We're exploring what makes a trailer great, how the internet has inspired and influenced film advertising and how to execute the perfect movie trailer voice over read.